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    Pandemic fuels telehealth industry growth

    COVID-19 has catalyzed sales growth in the telehealth industry, as patients turn to online doctors as a safer and more convenient way to receive medical advice. The industry has witnessed skyrocketing year-over-year growth since March 16, the week most states issued shelter-in-place orders, and has since sustained strong growth. Year-over-year growth reached a five-year high … Continued

    Instacart dominates delivery, while top grocers see little shift in market share

    Even staple categories like grocery are facing upheaval as COVID-19 continues to impact U.S. consumer spending. While grocers themselves have seen some shifts in spending behavior, the largest change has taken place among delivery services, which saw sales increase 146 percent year-over-year. Grocery delivery, previously thought of as a costly convenience, has become an essential … Continued

    What kind of consumers did LULU acquire with its purchase of Mirror?

    The home fitness industry is growing rapidly, with several companies now offering interactive fitness hardware with subscription access to classes, private training, or workouts. High-tech at-home workouts have been increasing in popularity, and among select private companies in this space, recent growth has been impressive. Our data indicates that Q2 2020 saw nearly 780 percent … Continued

    Specialty outdoor retailers show signs of speedy recovery

    Specialty outdoor retailers are showing strong recovery amidst slower growth in the retail sector. In spite of national park restrictions and summer camp closures due to COVID-19, the second quarter of 2020 saw year-over-year sales growth skyrocket for fishing, hunting, and boating companies, as U.S. consumers sought safer ways to enjoy their free time. Both … Continued

    Streaming services sales up 50 percent during the COVID-19 era

    As U.S. consumers stay home amid the pandemic, they are flocking to streaming services for entertainment. The streaming industry‚Äôs sales grew 47 percent year-over-year in April 2020 compared to a 39 percent year-over-year sales increase in April 2019. Mandatory stay-at-home-orders, combined with the entry of a new market player, Disney+, and the rising popularity of … Continued