Uncover insights from
billions of purchases

View spending trends among millions of U.S. consumers using 7 years of transaction history.

See data on thousands of companies and brands

Our exclusive transaction dataset provides insights on consumer trends and company performance

Gain visibility into key metrics

Query metrics—such as sales, customer counts, average transaction values, and retention rates—on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, fiscal-quarterly, or annual rollup for every company and brand on our coverage list

Explore multiple sectors and industries

Our data provides visibility across retail, grocery, DTC, quick-service restaurants, transportation, local delivery, cable/streaming services, and more

Our proprietary data pipeline transforms raw transaction data into structured data

Merchant Resolution

Transaction descriptions appear in millions of permutations that frequently change, so our refinery deciphers these descriptors, tags them to corresponding merchants, and maps merchants to thousands of business entities.


Our refinery appends and corrects information at the transaction level by inferring location when missing or incorrect. It also segments online vs in-store purchases for channel insights.


As consumer panels experience natural churn due to life changes, our data is normalized every day to account for such fluctuations. This helps ensure that our metrics are not distorted by changes in panel size.

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