Unlock the power of transaction data

Alternative data solutions built for investors to answer questions on company performance and consumer trends in near-real-time.
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How can Bloomberg Second Measure empower your investment research process?

We’re the premier provider of analytics and insights from consumer transaction data, with products that support equity analysts in faster decision making.

Proprietary data and analytics

Our new and exclusive transaction dataset provides insights from billions of purchases made by millions of U.S. consumers. Data is delivered daily via bulk data feeds and a web-based application.

A daily view into company performance

See data updated daily on thousands of public and private companies and brands

Reliably delivered with unparalleled speed

Data available on a 3-day lag from card swipe

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How can investors use Bloomberg Second Measure’s short-lag transaction data to gain estimates on retail companies’ performance during the 2022 holiday season? Read our new whitepaper today.

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