Author: Michal Kaczmarski

    Amazon’s 2023 Black Friday week observed sales rose, while big-box retailers showed mixed results

    Retailers entered the 2023 holiday season amid U.S. consumer spending jitters. With pressures such as student loan payment resumption and higher interest rates looming over holiday spending budgets, how did Black Friday week sales fare in 2023? Bloomberg Second Measure’s consumer transaction data analytics show that observed U.S. sales at Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) grew … Continued

    Which company is winning the restaurant food delivery war?

    When many Americans sheltered in their homes early in the coronavirus pandemic, meal delivery sales reached new heights. Bloomberg Second Measure’s consumer transaction data analytics show that in April 2020, combined observed sales for major meal delivery services grew 162 percent year-over-year and 59 percent compared to the previous month. The meal delivery industry as … Continued

    Uber vs. Lyft: Who’s tops in the battle of U.S. rideshare companies

    When U.S. cities and states faced shelter-in-place orders to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Americans’ reduced mobility resulted in plummeting sales at rideshare companies. Bloomberg Second Measure’s transaction data shows that while sales at rideshare industry leaders Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) and Uber (NYSE: UBER) began to recover shortly after their early pandemic drop, they did so at different rates.

    How did Instacart’s grocery delivery sales fare ahead of its IPO?

    On September 18, 2023, after many months of anticipation, Instacart (NASDAQ: CART) went public. Bloomberg Second Measure’s consumer transaction data analytics show that in the months leading up to Instacart’s IPO, Instacart Delivery’s U.S. sales remained elevated compared to levels seen both pre-pandemic and early in the pandemic, but its year-over-year sales growth slowed. The … Continued

    How did sales growth during Walmart Plus Week compare to that of Amazon Prime Day 2023?

    In July 2023, Walmart and held their respective sales events—Walmart Plus Week (July 10-13) and Amazon Prime Day (July 11-12). Bloomberg Second Measure’s consumer transaction data shows that Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) experienced double-digit week-over-week growth in U.S. consumer sales during the week of Amazon Prime Day 2023. Meanwhile, ahead of Walmart Inc’s (NYSE: … Continued