Philz: Changing the local coffee scene, one cup at a time

Philz Coffee received $15 million in Series B funding last year to expand its locations. One of these new locations is in our neighborhood, and this got us wondering: is Philz changing local coffee markets? Specifically, we wanted to know: Whether Philz grows local coffee markets Where Philz gets its customers If nearby Starbucks, Peet’s, … Continued

Who is gaining from Chipotle’s loss?

Chipotle’s business has been sliding ever since some of its locations were linked to E.coli and norovirus outbreaks. While news of the outbreaks peaked, sales[1] dipped. 45% of people who transacted with Chipotle between August and October 2015 have not returned since the outbreaks. These churned consumers tend to dine out about 4 times per … Continued

The success of Gobble’s pivot

Gobble was started in 2011 as a marketplace for home-cooked food. By 2014, they had become a pre-cooked meal subscription service as part of YC. Neither model really took off, so in September they pivoted again – this time to meal kits. Here’s what happened: Gobble hasn’t revealed their monthly numbers, but we believe this … Continued

Did Munchery juice their numbers before fundraising?

In the months before their Series C, Munchery acquired a large number of low-quality customers. While this doubled their customer base, revenue increased just 30%. The impact on Munchery’s numbers was profound: Monthly revenue per customer dropped from $75 to $53 Month-over-month retention dropped from 56% to 38% Comparing the newly-acquired customers to prior cohorts: … Continued