Whole Foods shoppers could deliver for AmazonFresh

Online retail giant Amazon made headlines recently by announcing its planned purchase of high-end grocer Whole Foods. The market responded immediately with stock price leaps for both companies, and The New York Times speculated that the acquisition will poise Amazon to better compete with another retail behemoth, Walmart, in the brick-and-mortar marketplace. However, Amazon is … Continued

Chipotle recovering from food safety scare

Ahead of Chipotle’s earnings release today, we took a quick look at the behavior of paying customers since the outbreaks. With millions cashing in on Chipotle’s free burrito campaign, the troubled restaurant chain seems to be bouncing back from its food safety scare. By the end of March, monthly paying customers had reached 79% of … Continued

Who is gaining from Chipotle’s loss?

Chipotle’s business has been sliding ever since some of its locations were linked to E.coli and norovirus outbreaks. While news of the outbreaks peaked, sales[1] dipped. 45% of people who transacted with Chipotle between August and October 2015 have not returned since the outbreaks. These churned consumers tend to dine out about 4 times per … Continued