Author: Janine Perri

    DTC companies capturing larger share of furniture sales

    Consumer spending data reveals that home furniture sales have grown during the pandemic. While traditional furniture retailers have experienced modest sales growth since summer 2020, direct-to-consumer (DTC) furniture companies are experiencing greater growth and capturing an increasing percentage of market share. This is likely due to both the closure of brick and mortar stores and … Continued

    Gym sales warm up as home fitness cools down

    Fitness centers and gyms in many states are reopening as vaccination rates continue to increase. However, while gym facilities were closed early in the pandemic, many people turned to home fitness companies for workout equipment. Sales growth skyrocketed for home fitness brands over the past year, and one emerging player in the industry, Mirror, was … Continued

    Fashion resale platforms outperform retailers during pandemic

    As environmentally-conscious consumers turn away from fast fashion and seek more sustainable alternatives, resale marketplaces have been on the rise. Furthermore, traditional retailers have started implementing new resale initiatives; Lululemon recently announced a resale program for pre-owned activewear, and Neiman Marcus launched a platform for its stylists to sell clients’ unwanted handbags and accessories. Transaction … Continued

    One year later, DTC toilet paper companies still on a roll

    Shortly before shelter-in-place orders went into effect in March 2020, many retailers experienced the mad dash of customers stockpiling toilet paper. As supply ran out in brick-and-mortar stores, some consumers turned to DTC companies—such as Who Gives a Crap and Tushy—that offer bathroom products. Who Gives a Crap sells bamboo and recycled toilet paper as … Continued

    COVID-19 shakes up smoothie kit sales

    While consumers have often looked to on-the-go breakfast options, breakfast at home has been making a comeback during COVID-19. But it’s not just cereal and pancakes that are now in demand. Similar to the trend of surging meal kit sales, consumers have been flocking to smoothie subscription boxes. Consumer spending data reveals how sales for … Continued

    Dollar store sales buck COVID era retail trends

    Brick-and-mortar retailers have been suffering during COVID-19, but one category that is expanding is dollar stores. Demand for the inexpensive groceries and household items found in dollar stores skyrocketed in 2020, especially in rural areas with fewer shopping options. An analysis of transaction data found that among dollar stores, Dollar General experienced the highest sales … Continued