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    People ride Uber more than you think

    Over the past three years, Uber has grown more than 35x in the US alone: Their customers have become more engaged over time: Interestingly, highly engaged riders (those averaging 12 or more rides per month) spend less per ride than infrequent riders: And yet, those highly engaged riders have grown to make up more than … Continued

    Amazon Prime Day spike in revenue, customers

    Despite the tweets, Amazon Prime Day appears to have been a success. Single-day US sales for Amazon.com compared with a year prior: Transaction volume: +68% Revenue: +88% Customers: +57% Average transaction value: +12% ($59) Revenue per Customer: +20% ($79) Note: We compared 7/15/2015 with 7/16/2014 to match day of week For context, year-over-year revenue for … Continued

    The success of Gobble’s pivot

    Gobble was started in 2011 as a marketplace for home-cooked food. By 2014, they had become a pre-cooked meal subscription service as part of YC. Neither model really took off, so in September they pivoted again – this time to meal kits. Here’s what happened: Gobble hasn’t revealed their monthly numbers, but we believe this … Continued

    Did Munchery juice their numbers before fundraising?

    In the months before their Series C, Munchery acquired a large number of low-quality customers. While this doubled their customer base, revenue increased just 30%. The impact on Munchery’s numbers was profound: Monthly revenue per customer dropped from $75 to $53 Month-over-month retention dropped from 56% to 38% Comparing the newly-acquired customers to prior cohorts: … Continued