And now their watch has ended: Game of Thrones finale means likely loss of subscribers for HBO Now

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Thinking of cancelling your HBO Now membership now that Game of Thrones is over? You’re not alone. It’s no secret that the show caused HBO viewership to skyrocket, but just how much of HBO Now’s business depends on it?

The highly anticipated Season 7 premiered in July, but since HBO Now offers a free introductory month, most of the new memberships become observable in August. New subscribers more than tripled in August—a tremendous leap compared to the relatively slow growth of previous months.

Clearly Game of Thrones’ popularity boosts business for HBO Now, but will these new subscribers stick around? It’s too soon to see the full impact of Season 7, but trends from last year may hold a clue. In 2016, the total number of HBO Now subscribers spiked in May after Game of Thrones Season 6 premiered on April 24. But after the June finale, HBO Now hemorrhaged memberships, which fell 39 percent by September.

This year could produce a similar pattern for HBO Now, especially if Game of Thrones fans are unwilling to hold on to their subscriptions until the rumored 2019 release of Season 8.

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