Black Friday Consumer Transaction Data Whitepaper
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See Retailers’ Black Friday KPIs with Transaction Data

Black Friday is the biggest retail sales event of the year. As the 2022 holiday season gets underway, learn how Bloomberg Second Measure transaction data enables investors to gain timely estimates on company performance on Black Friday. Investors can use these estimates to validate investment theses, track company performance intra-quarter, gain industry insights, and identify fast-growing consumer companies. 

Bloomberg Second Measure’s new and exclusive dataset, derived from a U.S. consumer panel that includes millions of members, is based on data available three days after card swipe—offering unparalleled speed—to power faster decision-making.

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Discover the Black Friday “winners” across sectors

Gain insights on which companies within a given industry experienced the most growth in sales or customer counts during Black Friday week.

Gain consumer spending insights early in the holiday season

See how Black Friday consumer trends—including sales growth, average spending per customer, and sales by channel—compare to the rest of the holiday season or previous years.

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