People ride Uber more than you think

Over the past three years, Uber has grown more than 35x in the US alone:

Their customers have become more engaged over time:

Interestingly, highly engaged riders (those averaging 12 or more rides per month) spend less per ride than infrequent riders:

And yet, those highly engaged riders have grown to make up more than 1/3 of Uber’s domestic bookings (i.e., gross revenue / GMV):

Perhaps even more impressively:

  • US customers:
  • 40% ride at least 4 times per month
  • 20% ride at least 7 times per month
  • US bookings:
  • 20% is from customers riding at least 20 times per month
  • 7% is from customers riding at least 32 times per month

The 32-per-month club represents the top 1% of Uber riders. How’s that for commuting?

You may wonder:

  • How does this compare to Lyft?
  • Who’s growing faster?
  • Who’s stealing more customers?

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