Author: Kavita Reddy

    Philz: Changing the local coffee scene, one cup at a time

    Philz Coffee received $15 million in Series B funding last year to expand its locations. One of these new locations is in our neighborhood, and this got us wondering: is Philz changing local coffee markets? Specifically, we wanted to know: Whether Philz grows local coffee markets Where Philz gets its customers If nearby Starbucks, Peet’s, … Continued

    Who is gaining from Chipotle’s loss?

    Chipotle’s business has been sliding ever since some of its locations were linked to E.coli and norovirus outbreaks. While news of the outbreaks peaked, sales[1] dipped. 45% of people who transacted with Chipotle between August and October 2015 have not returned since the outbreaks. These churned consumers tend to dine out about 4 times per … Continued

    The lasting impact of Adobe’s move to subscriptions

    When Adobe introduced its Creative Cloud subscription service in April 2012, it was unclear how consumers would respond. Would they really adopt Adobe’s new online service over the traditional boxed product? Following its release, Adobe’s average transaction value dropped from $93 in March 2012 to $40 one year later, reflecting the introduction of the lower-priced … Continued

    Growth in daily fantasy sports as football season kicked off

    September is the biggest time of the year for daily fantasy sports (DFS) to acquire new players – and this September has been the biggest ever for the two leading companies, DraftKings and FanDuel. The number of new people spending money on these sites[1] is up 316% from last September. Among these new players, the … Continued