Unlike earnings reports that bring investors information on fiscal quarters after the quarter is over, Bloomberg Second Measure’s transaction data–from billions of purchases across millions of U.S. consumers–provides insights into company performance as the quarter unfolds. Institutional investors, such as hedge funds, use transaction data for a daily view into the performance of thousands of companies, including hundreds of publicly listed entities. 

Additionally, Bloomberg Second Measure’s data on key performance metrics such as sales by purchasing channel, sales per customer, and sales in relation to a a user-defined competitive set, enables investors to take a deep dive into exploring trends that lead to revenue shifts at public companies. These insights also help investors identify fast-growing consumer companies, gain industry insights, and validate investment theses.

Download the whitepaper to learn how transaction data helps investors to answer questions like:

• What is a given public company’s projected revenue in the current quarter?

• How did the projected revenue for a public company compare to the mean consensus estimate and reported revenue?

What were the key performance metrics behind revenue shifts for public companies?

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