Consumer spending is shifting, creating uncertainty for investors and increasing the importance of real-time insights into company performance. The use of alternative data, specifically consumer transaction data, enables investors to see changing trends within industries to support a macro view of the U.S. economy. Additionally, you can drill down to metrics that provide an overview of specific companies, including many tickers. 

Bloomberg Second Measure ingests billions of new transactions daily to help institutional investors, such as hedge funds, with screening and sourcing, thesis validation and diligence, investment monitoring, and intra-quarter company performance tracking.

Download the whitepaper to learn how transaction data can help you answer questions like:

-What are the sales trends across a wide range of industries (from QSRs to retail) in the COVID-19 and post pandemic recovery period?

-How have a given state’s policies around business reopenings impacted sales growth?

-Within an industry, which companies have outperformed competitors?

-How is a company’s customer base spending differently in the COVID-19 era?

-Will a given public company meet, miss, or exceed consensus estimates?

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